Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer Lovin' Kit Challenge Reveal

TODAY is the reveal day of the Summer Lovin' Kit Challenge. All participants start out with the same kit of beads put together by Amy, and featuring a lovely polymer clay focal from Penny's Lane. While lovely, that kit is So Not my color palette, that focal is also way beyond the size I'd usually use.

So, for the longest time that kit was sitting on my desk, and I didn't have the slightest idea as to what to do with it. Eventually I figured I might try messing around with sari ribbon. I didn't have any around (I don't "do" fiber, usually), but what I did have, were some lovely sari scraps. One of these was of an intense magenta, with an intricately woven golden pattern, and when – seeking inspiration – I held it against the bead kit, it "clicked" and I knew where I was going. Shiny gold and pink.

Shiny silver too, and as luck would have it, I came across some shiny silver plated chain with very large links in the craft store. Perfect.

The dangles, the cloisonne beads, the hand made s-clasp, all of this pretty much added itself once I knew where I was heading.

HEUTE ist der Enthüllungstag der Summer Lovin' Kit Challenge. Alle Teilnehmer erhielten die gleiche Perlenmischung, zusammengestellt von  Amy, mit einem wunderschönen Polymer Clay Anhänger (hierzulande kennt man das eher unter dem Markennamen "Fimo") von  Penny's Lane. Ein wunderschönes Perlenset, aber So Gar Nicht meine Farben, und auch der Anhänger war deutlich größer als alles womit ich normalerweise freiwillig arbeite.

So saß das Set den die längste Zeit auf meinem Schreibtisch, und ich hatte nicht die geringste Vorstellung was ich damit bloß anfangen sollte. Naja, vielleicht was mit Sariband? Hatte ich zwar nicht, aber dafür Sari Stoffreste, eines davon in einem satten, schönen Magenta mit einem goldenen Muster. Als ich das neben das Perlenset hielt, auf Inspiration hoffend, machte es "Klick" und ich wusste was ich zu tun hatte. Glänzendes Gold und Pink.

Glänzendes Silber auch, und wie der Zufall es wollte, glitzerte mich im Bastelladen eine Silberkette mit extra großen Ösen an. Perfekt.

Die Anhängerchen, die Cloisonneperlen, die S-Schließe, all das hat sich dann praktisch selbst gemacht nachdem die Richtung feststand.

Bollywood makes you happy!
Bollywood macht glücklich!


The Hostess, Amy: Amybeads
Lori B. (no blog as of the time of this post)
Lucy K. (no blog at the time of this post, but see Amy's blog for her creation!)
Debbie Beechy Beetique


  1. I absolutely LOVE it!
    Great job :)I used a similar ribbon in my Bead Soup reveal, Love that color :D

  2. Sandra,
    It is 5AM and the first day of school so as I sit with my coffee and look to it to bring me to life on this early morning, your ABOUT statement makes me smile. I love the pink you brought into the piece. The color of the ribbon really makes the floral charms pop. The design of jump rings you created to hold the pendant is really amazing. Bravo!

  3. Sandra - this is spectacular! I don't ever "do" fiber with beadwork (but I think I need to try!)....but i just LOVE the way you worked this ribbon into this piece and I love the color. Really - you've done an amazing job with this!
    Thank you for participating!!

  4. (I thought I hit "publish" earlier but I don't see my comment - so sorry if this is a repeat)....Sandra - this is gorgeous! I am blown away by the use of fiber and you really hit it out of the park with this pink ribbon. The whole piece with the flower charms is so happy and beautiful!!
    Thank you for taking part in the challenge/hop!

  5. Closonne and pink I would have never thought of that for this focal, but it looks great. Especially the picture of you wearing it. I blends beautifully.

  6. Bringing in the pink was GENIUS! I love what you did here. Very, very unique!

  7. Oh heavens, I love that pink! It was a hard color palette for me too. You made such a beautiful statement with your kit!

  8. You simply cannot go wrong with bink and I love the addition of pink here. I wouldn't have thought of it, but it is fabulous!

  9. Wow. You went a totally different route with the pink and I love it. Great job.

  10. ♥ Love the pink ribbon! What a pop of color and so perfect to make your necklace really special! Job well done!

  11. Really lovely. I love the pink sari ribbon!

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I love your color combination of gold and pink! Your necklace is very pretty I love it!

  13. Get out of my head :P <3 Would never have thought to use pink through.

  14. Love the pink and also the addition of the cloisonne beads!

  15. What fun colors, love the pink and the beads that you added that made the whole piece pop!!

  16. wow this an absolutely gorgeous piece. I love what you have done with the sari ribbon! I am terrible with it but yours looks great! That PC tree pendant is to die for...such talent all in one piece, its a wonder it didnt go BOOM!

    haha LOVE it S! AND I am pressing on VEROFENCTLICHEN and hoping it means submit and not BOOM!!