Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Heart Macro

MY brother and I spent almost 5 hours today of lugging down heavy stuff for the trash guys to pick up at the old apartment. Dish washer, gas range and oven, freezer, dryer, our parents' old wardrobe, among other things. Down and then back up the stairs to the third floor. This is precisely what my legs felt afterwards – jello. So I went ahead and made some:

studio waterstone

IF you are here to look at my BSBP entry, it's one post further down. :D


  1. your muscles must be sore too..that's a lot of hard work. Enjoy the jello! it looks awesome..

  2. Great shot! And a great story, of course ... thanks for sharing.

  3. I applaud your ability to get all that done! Love your jello. Green is my favorite flavor.

  4. Love the description.I did the same for 7 weeks almost non stop.Great exercise but what a way to get it.Love and hugs Tanya