Sunday, September 23, 2012

9 Things I Love About My New Apartment

YESSSS ... Slowly but surely (after re-organizing he kitchen for, like, the 5th time) I'm starting to feel settled in. This apartment has just the right size for me, despite being only one room. Easypeasy to clean up and vacuum in no time whatsoever. There's still quite a number of boxes and bags to deal with, but I'm positive I'll be rid of these by Christmas Eve, when my family comes over. However I'm going to feed them, what with only two cooking ranges at my disposal, and a tiny toaster oven, I do not know yet. I'll figure something out eventually. 

You may remember, it's an attic apartment I moved into, so the low ceilings are a problem, the visible timbers too, plus the drywall does not allow for anything heavy to be put up. Ah well, there go my grand storage ideas ...

Anyway, there are a few things I just plain love.

  1. Wire mesh baskets in the bathroom. These are actually inherited from my parents, they left it behind when they moved out of the old apartment. It was always ever used to store veggies and fruit, like onions and lemons, with limited success. I decided to take it along on a whim on the very last minute instead of dumping it in the trash. I'm glad it did. There was a hook left by the previous tennant in the bathroom ceiling, right next to the sink. And there, those baskets are just perfect as a dumping/storage place for hair brushes, razors, jewelry and so on. I think I may eventually clean it thoroughly and then spray-paint it to another color. 
  2. There seems to be an unwritten rule that soap dishes must be ugly as hell. Which proved to be a problem, as I've become a huge fan of solid soap as of late, all thanks to LUSH. Eventually I went to see if I couldn't find some nice bowls or saucers to use instead, which is when I found out that  tapas/sauce/dipping bowls and plates are the better soap dishes. "Portofino" fish plate by Butlers, tapas plate by Depot.
  3. Windows oriented to the South. My room in the old apartment had a HUGE window front (an entire wall actually), but it was oriented to the North. The only sunlight I ever got was in the early morning, and late afternoon. And it wasn't even direct sunlight, it was reflected by the windows of the houses opposite. In the new apartment, the windows are small, but oriented to the south. There's a LOT of sunlight. It's great for taking photos of jewelry and beadwork too. 
  4. One of the perks of living in the attic. I only need to turn my head to the right from where I'm sitting at the desk, and I can look at the clouds. Or the moon or the stars, depending on the time. No other houses, no trees blocking the sight. 
  5. My sideboard/nightstand combo. These are two of IKEA's 2x2 EXPEDIT shelving units. Originally these were supposed to put up in my old room, but I never got around to it. Or more, like, after it became clear that I would move some time 2012, all motivation to set them up sizzled and fizzed and evaporated into nothing. Actually these serve as my wardrobe now. Most of those boxes contain clothes. 
  6. While those timbers had me baffled at first (I swear, I completely obliterated them from my memory after I reviewed the apartment, and was much perplexed when I came to have the keys handed over o.0) they make a fine mini-shelf to prop up postcards I got and hang a colorful garland of flower LED lights. =D
  7. My mini tool rack, made from a bathroom shower rack, attached to the side of my JERKER desk from IKEA. Yes, the name is a little unfortunate, but it's a real shame they discontinued this line. The desk was a pain in the ass to disassemble, carry over, and reassemble, but it was one of the few things that just had to move with me.  I will not give it up. Not ever.
  8. My cat Lilly feels quite at home too, apparently. Though I feel the apartment is a little small for her. And since it's only one room I can't shut her out and have a good night's sleep. She gets hungry and bored at 3AM, and she makes it known. Either by trampling all over me, or by tackling whatever part of me is sticking out from under the blankets, or by knocking down whatever is on my desk. Mousepad, beads, tools,  beads, jewelry, beads, books, beads ... Audrey refers to her as "Lillyzilla The Destroyer" because of this. Like, recently, I was woken up by a very loud thump! only to find she had knocked the tin of white acrylic paint off the board. And of course the lid had come off, and paint was already pooling around the tin. Insert major panic here. I got it cleaned up alright, but you do need to act swiftly for it. Just ... just imagine I hadn't woken up from the noise. Ugh.

    Oh. And she goes "Meow! Meow!" all the time. 
Just like this. Image by  Diana Sprinkle

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