Sunday, June 24, 2012

So I FAIL ( ... again )

ONCE upon the time there was a giveaway, wasn't there?

Oh, I was so proud of it; it my very first one.

And then life happened, and I ... completely forgot.

Courtney, Andrea, I can't possibly apologize enough to you for making you wait this long.

So, without further ado the entrants:

  1. Andrea
  2. Courtney
The result:
And the lucky, albeit very LATE winner of this small set of findings is Andrea. BUT! To make up for the immensely long wait, I'll something to you too, Courtney. I'll get in touch with both of you ASAP, and your findings will be mailed the very same day as my Bead Soup for Susan - so, no later than July 2nd. 

Wait what.

Bead Soup?

I'm getting ahead of myself.

That's for the next post, actually.

1 comment:

  1. Schön, daß Du noch lebst... Im Juli/August bin ich in Deutschland, wenn Du magst, können wir usn ja mal treffen oder telefonieren. Würd mich freuen. LG ^^