Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I've Been Up To: The Creative, Part I - Was Denn So Los War: Das Kreative, Teil I

YOU didn't possibly think I have not been doing anything creative at all during the past half year, did you?

Think again.

In fact, while I don't have many (uh, make that any) finished pieces to show, I don't think I have ever tried so many new (or gotten back into old!) techniques in such a short time. And while I may not have been active online much, the blogs I follow have been my daily dose of inspiration and muse fodder.

IHR habt doch nicht echt gedacht dass bei mir kreativ Tote Hose war im letzten halben Jahr, oder?

Nochmal denken, danke.

Auch wenn ich nicht viele (gar keins, eigentlich) fertige Stücke vorzuzeigen habe, ich glaube ich habe noch nie so viele neue Techniken (oder alte wiederentdeckte) in so kurzer Zeit ausprobiert. Und auch wenn ich online nicht wirklich aktiv war, die Blogs auf meinem Reader waren meine tägliche Dosis Inspiration und Musenfutter.

Der Rest ist jetzt leider in Englisch gehalten, denn, will man den verlinkten Tutorials und Blogs folgen, sollte man eh der Englischen Sprache mächtig sein. ;D

I PURCHASED quite a few tutorials (and they were worth every cent spent) like the fabulous Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack one by fancifuldevices.

PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.

PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.    PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.    PDF Tutorial- Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack.

She is an insanely creative person, witty and incredibly funny. I dare you all to go follow her blog fanciful devices already. And buy her theeeeeeeengs. Like, for example, her other tutorials. I bought them all.

PDF Tutorial- Make Easy Artisan Head Pins with UTEE    No-Solder Folded Tin Bezel with Ephemera under Glass- aPDF Tutorial

A Practical Guide to Oxidizing- PDF Tutorial

I bought and tried out the Turning Leaves Tutorial by the awesome missficklemedia:

Turning Leaves Tutorial - sent securely through email

Turning Leaves Tutorial - sent securely through email    Turning Leaves Tutorial - sent securely through email    Turning Leaves Tutorial - sent securely through email

In fact I actually bought a torch just to be able to try this out. Yes, I'm giving soldering another chance. And so far it's working out. Though I probably ought to buy a fire extinguisher. And a smoke alarm. Yeah, right.

I bought a number of wire wrapping and metalwork tutorials which I have yet to try out:
TUTORIAL Beaded Hammered Hoop Earrings
Beaded Hammered Hoop Earrings

Moroccan Lace Earrings Tutorial
Moroccan Lace Earrings

Tutorial-for Silver Lace Hoop Earrings-Sale-20% off.
Silver Lace Hoop Earrings

Yes, I have in fact a thing for hoops going on. Which inevitably lead to this:

BoHo Hoops by Deryn Mentock

Signing up for Deryn Mentock's BoHo Bliss online class. It's the other reason I purchased a torch. And now another, hotter one.

I got back into knotwork:

"Bazaar Wrap Bracelet"
Following this great tutorial by Beadaholique:

And then I figured out how to do electrolytic etching, how to make my own ear wires, and I played with patina:

Not too shabby, huh? =D 

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