Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aussie Soup!

MY bead soup from my Australian BSBP swap partner Melissa arrived! Actually it did arrive about three weeks ago, I just didn't get to take pictures of it until last weekend, and to post about it until today. My day job in retail kept me running like a hamster in a hamster wheel due to the Easter holiday madness. Kinda like this:

And there's another holiday coming up here in Germany next week, 1st of May – no rest for the wicked.

Anyway! I was going to show you the bead soup I received. I was very happy to find that little package sitting on top of my mailbox after I returned home late at night from work. Yay! Instant cheer-up.

THIS cute little box contained several organza bags with beads, and when I opened the first one, I instantly knew I was doomed. Pastells. NOOOOOOOO!! I don't do pastells. At all. So this will definitely a challenge!

Fortunately there were no more pastells in the next baggy, but chalky white, yellow, orange and a deep red. Nothing I've got in my stash, but I definitely felt more comfortable with this part of the soup: 

Next up, the first focal – yes, Melissa was generous enough to actually sent two – a gorgeous donut shaped ceramic pendant decorated with a flower relief. It's huge, at least by my standards, as I usually do the small and dainty thing:

This is the second focal, also ceramic, and as you can see it matches nicely with the "warm" beads of the soup:

Here you can see the metal elements of the bead soup Melissa sent me: A leaf shaped toggle clasp, some very nice silver elements and ball-end copper headpins:

The tiny box contained a hand made dainty clasp made from copper wire in the shape of a rose:

Overall I couldn't possibly be happier with this soup! The pastels and the huge focal certainly have my creative gears turning, and the frosted surface and the pebble shape some of the beads have, reminds me of beach glass. Overall there's a floral theme to it, and I love the vibes this, combined with the colors give me: Beaches, flower power, retro chic, hippie culture, bell bottom pants and 70ies design ... 

See you at the reveal!


  1. Doomed by pastels, bwahahaha! I'm glad you also have a challenge or two in your soup! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!